Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Bad News

I know I promised you all two new pages of Chester this week, but another problem has arisen.
My tablet pen is not working, limiting my creative output to... practically nothing.
Once I get a replacement pen, though, I will do my best to make it up to all of you.
Also, I am working on getting a website for Chester, and maybe even some cool merch!
More to come later....

Thanks for reading!
-Emily S.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good and Bad News

Well, everyone, I'm back from Japan!
It was an awesome trip that I wish could have lasted longer, but I'm glad to be home and with family and friends.
That's the good news.
Bad news is, I got really sick during the last couple days in Japan and I'm kind of a quivering lump of congested flesh right now, so I probably won't be updating TAoCKF this week.
Sorry. :(
But I promise once I get all better, I'll work twice as hard to give you two pages next week!
I'll also be working on my Japan projects (an 8-page comic based on my experience, a sketchbook/journal to distribute, and a themed attraction to pitch to my class when we get back together in the Winter Quarter), so if you guys are interested, let me know and I'll post some of my works up here.
In the meantime, swing by my facebook and look at the many photo albums I've posted showing my day-to-day adventure in Tokyo. :)

See you all soon!