Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Thanks goes to loish for this one:

(It really happened. -__-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TAoCKF Merchandise!

Recently, Chester joined me in promoting the webcomic at the first ever annual SCADCon!
We got a very nice corner table (prime locale) in Artist's Alley and set up a very pink display.Allow me to show you:As you can see, I had plenty of products to offer, including free stickers!
I sold quite a bit, but I still have some left over, so now I'm working on getting a merch page up on my website (www.chesterflamingo.com).
Be on the lookout for that, which will make it easy to order from me. :)

In the meantime, here's what I've got for you wonderful people:

Well, there it is!
As you can see, most of these are made by yours truly with the help of products from Jo-Ann Fabrics and prints from OfficeMax (they's the best!).
All the books are bound using my roommate's sewing machine. Thanks, Susannah! :)
If you want to purchase any of these fine products, please email chesterfbottom@gmail.com!

Love to you all!
Emily S.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

SCADCon and Editor's Day!!

Sorry for not blogging as much on here.
I've been super-busy with schoolwork, most of which revolving around this: The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom's new home!
So hopefully you'll forgive me for being quiet. ;)
That means if you want to see more of the webcomic, you'll have to bookmark that site or subscribe to the RSS feed.
You can also leave me nice comments if you want. :P
I have yet another surprise.
Next weekend (April 8-9) is Editor's Day/SCADCon/Career Fair here at SCAD, and for our Self-Promo class, we're required to set up a table at Artist's Alley!
You know what that means?
Chester merchandise!!!
So if you can make it out next Friday to Artist's Alley, look for me at the pink table with the flamingo in a suit (NOT a man in a flamingo suit), and check out some of the things I'll be selling!
Whatever I don't sell at SCADCon, I'll be posting up on the webcomic's new site in the form of a new page: Merchandise!
I'll just have to get my loyal codemonkey Tim to help me set it up. ;P

Anyway, the only thing this blog will be used for now is to post developmental sketches, extra artwork, updates on TAoCKF progress, and maybe some little extra tidbits you won't get from the site or easter eggs.
Heck, maybe I'll just use this as a FAQ!

Thanks for reading, guys!
See you at the new site!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thanks For Your Patience!

No, I still don't have anything for you today,
but I have a really good reason,
and I promise this time it ACTUALLY is a real excuse.

This week I've been running amuck trying to get my project from the Japan classes done, when, on Wednesday morning, I woke up barfing.
Fun fun.
I was quarantined to my room with a violent intestinal viral infection from Wednesday until Saturday evening, when I finally finished my projects and my friend whisked me away to her house to watch a movie and eat pizza.

That aside, you should now be able to forgive me for not getting the comic done for you guys.
However, now that I'm done with all that and only have two classes this quarter, I can focus more energy on TAoCKF (one of those classes will be composed entirely of work for Chester Fingkelbottom)!

I'd like to thank all of you for following me and encouraging me,
and you'll definitely be rewarded for it!

One of my projects this quarter (for a grade, too!) will be to make a website for TAoCKF, so be wary of the move we'll be making soon (soon being within the next couple months)!
My friend Tim is a web programmer/website designer, and he'll help me code it and get it up and running,
and that's where the comic will be hosted,
leaving this blog for sketches and blurbs related to the comic.
Hopefully the website will bring in more readership as well, so we can open up a merch shop!
Wouldn't that be lovely?

I still want the first piece of merch to be the flamingo hoodie.
*crosses fingers*

Well, that's all for you today!
Enjoy the holiday and the coming week, and keep your eyes peeled for lots of goodies to come!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Bad News

I know I promised you all two new pages of Chester this week, but another problem has arisen.
My tablet pen is not working, limiting my creative output to... practically nothing.
Once I get a replacement pen, though, I will do my best to make it up to all of you.
Also, I am working on getting a website for Chester, and maybe even some cool merch!
More to come later....

Thanks for reading!
-Emily S.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Good and Bad News

Well, everyone, I'm back from Japan!
It was an awesome trip that I wish could have lasted longer, but I'm glad to be home and with family and friends.
That's the good news.
Bad news is, I got really sick during the last couple days in Japan and I'm kind of a quivering lump of congested flesh right now, so I probably won't be updating TAoCKF this week.
Sorry. :(
But I promise once I get all better, I'll work twice as hard to give you two pages next week!
I'll also be working on my Japan projects (an 8-page comic based on my experience, a sketchbook/journal to distribute, and a themed attraction to pitch to my class when we get back together in the Winter Quarter), so if you guys are interested, let me know and I'll post some of my works up here.
In the meantime, swing by my facebook and look at the many photo albums I've posted showing my day-to-day adventure in Tokyo. :)

See you all soon!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Leaving for Japan!

Well, folks!
Tomorrow I take off around the world for the Land of the Rising Sun, so I'll be on a two-week hiatus.
In the meantime, I figured I'd at least have something for you to enjoy while I'm gone, so I'm posting the edits of the first 6 pages of TAoCKF, as well as a little something extra.
Here you go!