Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thanks For Your Patience!

No, I still don't have anything for you today,
but I have a really good reason,
and I promise this time it ACTUALLY is a real excuse.

This week I've been running amuck trying to get my project from the Japan classes done, when, on Wednesday morning, I woke up barfing.
Fun fun.
I was quarantined to my room with a violent intestinal viral infection from Wednesday until Saturday evening, when I finally finished my projects and my friend whisked me away to her house to watch a movie and eat pizza.

That aside, you should now be able to forgive me for not getting the comic done for you guys.
However, now that I'm done with all that and only have two classes this quarter, I can focus more energy on TAoCKF (one of those classes will be composed entirely of work for Chester Fingkelbottom)!

I'd like to thank all of you for following me and encouraging me,
and you'll definitely be rewarded for it!

One of my projects this quarter (for a grade, too!) will be to make a website for TAoCKF, so be wary of the move we'll be making soon (soon being within the next couple months)!
My friend Tim is a web programmer/website designer, and he'll help me code it and get it up and running,
and that's where the comic will be hosted,
leaving this blog for sketches and blurbs related to the comic.
Hopefully the website will bring in more readership as well, so we can open up a merch shop!
Wouldn't that be lovely?

I still want the first piece of merch to be the flamingo hoodie.
*crosses fingers*

Well, that's all for you today!
Enjoy the holiday and the coming week, and keep your eyes peeled for lots of goodies to come!


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