Saturday, April 3, 2010

SCADCon and Editor's Day!!

Sorry for not blogging as much on here.
I've been super-busy with schoolwork, most of which revolving around this: The Adventures of Chester K. Fingkelbottom's new home!
So hopefully you'll forgive me for being quiet. ;)
That means if you want to see more of the webcomic, you'll have to bookmark that site or subscribe to the RSS feed.
You can also leave me nice comments if you want. :P
I have yet another surprise.
Next weekend (April 8-9) is Editor's Day/SCADCon/Career Fair here at SCAD, and for our Self-Promo class, we're required to set up a table at Artist's Alley!
You know what that means?
Chester merchandise!!!
So if you can make it out next Friday to Artist's Alley, look for me at the pink table with the flamingo in a suit (NOT a man in a flamingo suit), and check out some of the things I'll be selling!
Whatever I don't sell at SCADCon, I'll be posting up on the webcomic's new site in the form of a new page: Merchandise!
I'll just have to get my loyal codemonkey Tim to help me set it up. ;P

Anyway, the only thing this blog will be used for now is to post developmental sketches, extra artwork, updates on TAoCKF progress, and maybe some little extra tidbits you won't get from the site or easter eggs.
Heck, maybe I'll just use this as a FAQ!

Thanks for reading, guys!
See you at the new site!


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