Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to the Adventure!

Hi there!
Pretty soon, there will be some exciting updates to this page, I promise.
This will be the home for the new comic strip/fantasy journal comic "The Adventures of Chester K Fingkelbottom."


Emma Evans returns from summer vacation to host a get-together with all her Grad-School friends, and to introduce them to her new fiancee, Chester K Fingkelbottom.
Not only does it come as a shock that Emma's suddenly returned engaged to someone they've never heard of, but when he walks in the door for the first time they find he's a tall pink anthropomorphic flamingo.
Everyone else is disturbed by this, but Emma doesn't seem to notice that he's... different.
With two of her friends crushing majorly on her, and Chester's "condition" seriously freaking out all her friends, Emma lives her life the way she always does- anything but normally.
Her eccentric and hyperactive personality is juxtaposed by Chester's cool and calm demeanor; the perfect fuel for an adventure.

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